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Accessibility Training & Workshops

OITA is providing general web and digital accessibility training sessions to Rutgers staff, students, and approved third-party vendors every semester and summer session. The general public is welcome to attend, but access to certain tools and resources may be restricted to members of the Rutgers community. At the end of these sessions, attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Understand policies set by Rutgers regarding web and digital accessibility.
  • Use scanning tools to test for accessibility issues on websites and documents.
  • Know how to do manual testing on sites for accessibility issues.
  • Understand common issues and how to fix them.
  • Learn how to include accessibility during early site development efforts.

Individualized and group consultations are available by request. If you are interested in a training session, unable to make any of the training sessions below, or have any questions after reviewing the links of available technology, please feel free to contact us at

Notice: Due to the precautions Rutgers is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all training sessions will be held over Zoom for the foreseeable future. All times are for the Eastern time zone.(link opens in a new wi

Fall 2021

Our Fall 2021 training schedule is now available for registration. There will be eight training sessions during the semester. All sessions are open to the general public.

Fall 2021 Training Schedule and Registration