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What is two-step login with Duo?

Two-step login with Duo, also known as two-factor authentication, helps protect your account by adding an extra layer of security beyond your password. With two-step login, you will need to provide additional confirmation of your identity to gain access to many online resources at the university.

Help with two-step login with Duo

Two-step login FAQ

Do you have questions about Duo and two-step login? We’ve got answers.

Overview of two-step login

Learn about the basics of two-step login with Duo, including the benefits of enrolling.

Enrollment guide

Signing up for two-step login takes about five minutes. Here’s how.

Opting in to two-step login

Learn about the opt-in procedures for two-step login with Duo.

Adding or changing devices

Find out what to do when you have a new phone or other device to add to Duo.

Getting help with Duo

Wondering about international travel, bypass codes, or other issues? Learn how to get answers and assistance.

Videos to learn about Duo 

An Introduction to Duo Security

Getting started with Duo Security

What is Two-Factor Authentication? (2FA)

5 reasons to protect your data with Duo

Duo is the leading provider of two-step login in higher ed. It’s required at Harvard, Indiana, MIT, and elsewhere.

Avoid phishing, thwart cybercriminals, and keep your information safe from identity theft.

Duo can be used anywhere—even when you’re traveling internationally.

Duo is required to use some IT services, such as the Rutgers Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using two-step login makes the university more secure by protecting sensitive university data.