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Rutgers Service Management offerings

Consulting services

We are a resource to the Rutgers IT community. Below are some examples of areas where we can assist you:

  • Consulting on service planning and service design
  • Conducting service reviews and process assessments
  • Creating service catalog pages(s) and service communications
  • Designing well-integrated support and operational processes
  • Improving customer experience with a service
  • Assisting with service reporting and metrics
  • Providing training resources to support various aspects of service management

Managing services

Our goal is to document and define service management as a practice for Rutgers IT. As our methodology and tools improve, we provide templates and guidance to support service management practitioners.

Process design

Our service management framework builds on a collection of best practices for quality IT service management (ITIL). To learn more about ITIL, please visit our FAQ page.

To support process design, we use Navvia Process Designer to design and maintain our ITSM Process Documentation Library (PDL). Navvia allows us to create process guides and provides tools, templates, and training on ITSM and ITIL concepts at minimal cost. To learn more about how Navvia supports ITSM Practitioners, please visit the Navvia website.

Contact the Service Management Office (SMO)

If you have questions about any Rutgers Service Management initiatives, please send an email.