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About Rutgers Service Management


Rutgers Service Management (RSM) incorporates standards and proven practices to streamline service coordination within and between Rutgers IT units. Using a common platform and a streamlined set of standard processes, RSM simplifies the customer experience and provides a seamlessly integrated system for requesting and supporting IT services.

Rutgers Service Management (RSM) is a comprehensive program that includes:

  • People: A dedicated team of service management professionals to support training, service planning, service definition, and service design.
  • Processes: An integrated set of IT management processes providing standards and guidelines for ticket management, service fulfillment, change enablement, and how services are designed, created, delivered, supported, managed, and decommissioned.
  • Platform: A service management platform (ServiceNow) that provides seamless access and support for IT services.

Resource for the Rutgers IT community
We are a resource for the Rutgers IT community. Our Service Management Office serves as a center of excellence, with dedicated staff providing subject matter expertise, consulting, training, and support to build service management capabilities throughout the Rutgers community.

Benefits of IT Service Management
The benefits of IT Service Management (ITSM) relate to the Rutgers IT community and the University as a whole. Notable benefits include:

  • Alignment of IT goals with those of the University units and departments we support.
  • A shared understanding of business requirements, resulting in better-fitting IT services.
  • Improved quality, reliability, and availability of IT services offered.
  • Better visibility into the status of IT service requests, work orders, and trouble tickets.
  • The same positive experience regardless of which IT organization approached.

Service Management Team Members

Deborah McDaniel
Associate Director, IT Service Management

Brett Smilen
Business Analyst, IT Service Management

Marlena Kang
Data Analyst, IT Service Management

Lauren Walton
Training Program Administrator, IT Service Management