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Teaching lab room capacity at Rutgers–New Brunswick

Teaching labs all contain dual booting Macintosh computers that run either OS X or Windows 7. Below is a list of rooms with the number of computers in each. There is 1 instructor machine in each teaching lab. Please note that class size must be at least 10 students.

Busch Campus

ARC roomsStudent machinesOperating system
ARC room 11627Windows 10
ARC room 118*26Windows 10
ARC room 119*27Windows 10
ARC room 12131macOS

*Room 118 and 119 can be combined for a total of 53 student computers

RBHS Piscataway labStudent machinesOperating system
Currently Unavailable
Kessler Room L201
15Windows 10

College Avenue Campus

CAC RoomsStudent machinesOperating system
Academic Building - Room 1210**23Windows 10 and macOS
Academic Building - Room 1220**24Windows 10 macOS
Academic Building - Room 123023Windows 10 and macOS

* Rooms 1210 & 1220 can be combined for a total of 47 student computers.

Cook/Douglass Campus 

Loree RoomsStudent machinesOperating system
Loree 00730macOS
Loree 02324Windows 10
Loree 02718Windows 10

Livingston Campus

Tillett RoomsStudent machinesOperating system
Room 106J1*25Windows 10 and macOS
Room 106J2*25Windows 10 and macOS

*Room 106J1 and 106J2 can be combined for a total of 50 student computers