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Demo site

Create, edit, and test your envelopes in this staging area.

Production site

Send and receive your finalized envelopes on the live site.

Learn how to request a DocuSign account.

The university’s DocuSign contract includes unlimited accounts and usage. We have two options for new accounts:

  • Standalone user account for individual faculty and staff who need to sign or send a one-off document
    1. Request a new account at
    2. In the upper right hand corner select Log In [Note: do not select FREE TRIAL].
    3. Enter your email address / username as when prompted.
    4. Then you will be taken to the Rutgers CAS login page to complete.
      a.  Log in to your new DocuSign account at
      b.  Visit ( for training and support resources in the Resources section.
  • Managed site account (e.g. for a school or department), in which unlimited user accounts can be grouped into discrete and/or overlapping teams to create and share reusable templates, send departmental envelopes, and monitor their DocuSign activity.

To request an account for your school, department, or other organizational unit, please contact the OIT / EDS DocuSign Administrator team at Please include the following information in your request:

  • Names and NetIDs of members of your team that would like to participate in onboarding discussions
  • Your team’s availability for a one-hour introductory WebEx meeting
  • Copies of any forms (and descriptions of their current workflows) that you’d like to transition to DocuSign

Key benefits of using DocuSign

Faster signatures, with documents automatically routed via email

Real-time tracking as documents make their way through the approval process

Reduced errors, with DocuSign helping to ensure documents are completed properly

DocuSign accounts are available for free to every Rutgers department


Getting started

The university’s DocuSign contract includes unlimited accounts and usage. 

LinkedIn Learning

Log in to LinkedIn Learning and take the course to get the most out of DocuSign.

DocuSign University

Check out the large collection of DocuSign's self-paced online courses.

Support portal

DocuSign offers articles and videos for help with its various features.

DocuSign alerts

Find current system status, alerts, and where to sign up for release notes.

Get help with DocuSign

For more information or support with the service, email the DocuSign team.