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Computer labs rules and regulations at Rutgers–New Brunswick

Staff on duty have the authority and responsibility to enforce these rules and regulations, as well as to make decisions concerning situations not covered below. Failure to obey site rules and regulations will result in being asked to leave the computer center, with a possible penalty of suspension of use of the computer centers and the termination of your computer account.

  • The Office of Information Technology (OIT) computer labs are available for general use by Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff.
    Patrons must show valid Rutgers University identification upon request.
  • Utilization of these computing centers for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. Activities, such as producing illegal materials and plagiarism, will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • Utilization of these computing centers for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, producing, scanning, printing or posting of advertisements and other commercial materials.
  • It is illegal to copy software without authorization from the developer. Software “piracy” is subject to fines, imprisonment, and civil damages up to $100,000. Patrons may not copy OIT licensed software. Patrons may not use illegally copied software or unauthorized copyrighted material, including MP3s, at any OIT facility.
  • Any software not supported by OIT which is otherwise placed on OIT computing center computers will be promptly erased.
  • Anyone found mistreating or removing OIT property within the computing centers will lose their computing privileges and be reported to the university police.
  • Staff members are responsible for overseeing the computing centers and need cooperation from patrons at all times in order that everything runs smoothly. With this in mind, being uncooperative with the staff in any manner is not allowed. Any patron who is disruptive, non-responsive, rude, disrespectful, etc. to any staff member – in person, through email, or by any other form of communication – will be subject to measures to exclude them from the premises until such time that their cooperation can be ensured.
  • Only authorized staff will be admitted in the computing centers prior to posted opening times or permitted to stay in the computing center after posted closing times. Hours are posted throughout the computing centers and outside of the center’s main doors. In case of emergencies and other special circumstances, OIT staff has the authority and responsibility to immediately clear the computing center.
  • With the exception of the Instructional Microcomputer Labs (IMLs), which can be reserved by professors, instructors, and TAs for teaching purposes, reservations are not accepted. Patrons are served on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no workstation time limits except on printing or scanning machines specifically designated as having such constraints.
  • If a patron leaves a workstation unoccupied for more than 15 minutes, their computer will be given to the next person waiting. OIT is not responsible for lost or damaged work. Computers will reboot after a period of inactivity.
  • Patrons must promptly relinquish their workstations for scheduled classes or upon request by OIT staff.
  • Patrons must log in to their own accounts. Account sharing is strictly prohibited. Patrons must log out after finishing their work.
  • Patrons are expected to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources.
  • Patrons are expected to maintain a noise level conducive to an academic atmosphere. Individuals making excessive noise will be asked to quiet down or leave the computing center. Patrons wishing to listen to audio (including, but not limited to, CDs, streaming audio/video, DVDs) must wear headphones so as not to disturb others.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted within the computing center. Patrons are expected to turn their cell phones off or set them to silent when they enter the computing center. Cell phone calls and conversations must be taken outside of the computing center so other patrons are not disturbed.
  • While inside any area of a OIT computing center, patrons are prohibited from smoking, eating, and other activities deemed inappropriate by OIT staff.
  • Personal files saved to local hard drives (including WebDrive) and desktops are not protected and are therefore subject to modification, erasure, and plagiarism. OIT is not responsible for lost or damaged information. Patrons are strongly encouraged to save often to flash drives and CDs, or upload files to their account. Additionally, it is highly recommended that patrons make back-up copies of all information, so they have the info in more than one place.
  • Printing is provided as a limited service to all lab patrons. Print jobs must be released by the patron via the print-release stations located in each computing center. An RU Connection Card (RU ID card) is required to release print jobs. Manual feeding of special paper is not allowed. More information regarding printing may be found at our printing website.
  • Materials such as dry-erase markers may be borrowed in exchange for valid identification. They may not be removed from the computing centers.
  • Computing center telephones and other staff equipment are reserved solely for OIT staff.
  • No computers (including laptops) other than the ones provided by OIT are permitted to be plugged into network connections in the OIT computing centers. If you need to access the Rutgers network with your own computer, please use the wireless network provided by OIT. See RUWireless for more information.
  • Assistive (service) animals are permitted. No other animals or pets are allowed in the computing centers.
  • OIT and its employees are not responsible for personal belongings. Do not leave personal items unattended.

Individual Computing Centers may have additional policies other than those listed here. Patrons must comply with all rules, policies, and procedures posted at these centers. These rules and regulations are enforceable by on-duty OIT employees whose decisions concerning adherence to these rules are final.

Questions/comments regarding the OIT computer labs can be directed to: