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Wireless and printing

Wireless and printing

RU–Camden IT supports several computer areas and print stations scattered around campus in addition to the Rutgers Student Computer Lab located in the Robeson Library. Printing is available for students, faculty, and staff from express computers around campus noted below, wirelessly via personal devices which are connected to RUWireless Secure, or through Virtual Computer labs.

RUWireless Secure

Students, faculty, and staff should be connected to RUWireless Secure for complete, encrypted Wi-Fi use at Rutgers.

How to print from a laptop or mobile device?

Mobility Print is a feature that allows you to print from your personal devices, including computers, tablets, and phones connected to the RUWireless Secure network.

Express printer locations

You can check your print balance and add funds at the PaperCut website (NetID login and password required) or visit the PaperCut knowledge base at the Rutgers IT Help portal to learn more about the printing processes at these locations.

Express computers and printers

Various locations on campus have express computers and print stations, enabling students to print from either the express computer itself or from a laptop using the laptop printing service on campus. The locations of the stations are:

Armitage Hall lobby, 315 North 5th St.

Business and Science building lobby, 227 Penn St.

Campus Center on the lower level, across from the Raptor Roost (includes Color Printer), 326 Penn St.

Fine Arts lobby, 314 Linden St.

Graduate Residence Hall, 330 Cooper St. – Room 200F

Nursing and Science Building (2nd and 3rd floors)

401 Penn lobby, near the Campus Center

The express computers are designed with the same limited software suites and timed 15 minutes of use as found on the express computers in the computer lab in the library.

Law school printers

Printers are placed in various locations in the East and West buildings. These printers include:

Five HP LaserJet M606 duplex printers

One HP Color LaserJet M651 duplex printer, 2nd floor Law West

Residence halls

Camden apartments
The apartment lounge area has six HP computers running Windows 10 and one HP LaserJet M606 duplex printer.

Camden Towers
The Towers 3rd floor lounge has eight HP computers running Windows 10 and one HP LaserJet M606 duplex printer.