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Unifying IT


Create an integrated, aligned, and collaborative IT community across the institution


A unified Rutgers IT community to meet the comprehensive IT needs of the university
Through strong partnerships and collaboration with all IT providers, IT service and support to students, faculty, staff and stakeholders will be seamless, transparent, and provided with minimal duplication of effort. By achieving this vision, Rutgers will provide a comprehensive, cost-effective environment with a world-class level of customer satisfaction.

Key elements

  • IT is seamless across the university
  • Support is easy to access
  • Local IT and central IT have clearly defined roles and responsibilities with no gaps or overlaps
  • Customers experience only one IT
  • Customers know what services are being offered
  • Local and central IT activities are coordinated
  • Relationships between local and central IT are open and collaborative
  • Customers know who to go to for their IT needs
  • High level of trust among local/central IT community


  • Building strong relationships and trust with the university’s IT community
  • Working with the university’s IT community to jointly:
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of the user perspective
    • Develop a high-level depiction of IT services through an IT service framework
    • Identify clear roles and responsibilities to eliminate gaps, overlaps in services
    • Understand cost issues
    • Establish university-wide service level agreements and key performance metrics

Current initiatives

  • Convening IT leads regularly
  • Defining an institutional service framework
  • Defining governance structure for decision-making
  • Gaining insight into total IT spend
  • One IT = Rutgers IT