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Transforming the data experience


Provide the data you need, when you need it


A university where data is a foundation for decision-making
A data revolution is underway, and it’s driving the foundation for decision-making throughout the university. By providing a comprehensive platform for data analytics, data science, data management, reporting, and the skillset to leverage this data-rich environment, Rutgers becomes a leader in data-driven decision-making.

Key elements

  • Data governance aligns data analytics with university mission and goals
  • Analytic and data storage capabilities are included
  • “Environment” is bigger than just the technology aspect
  • Skills training in leveraging the environment is included
  • Data environment is the integrative crossing point for the entire university
  • Data environment bridges academic, clinical, research and administrative sides
  • Better decision making is measurable and has significant impact on the university
  • Data environment is easily accessible


  • Identify key stakeholders and governance structure
  • Understand stakeholder data and reporting requirements, gaps, and integration points
  • Design the architectural model and build the physical infrastructure
  • Identify key stakeholder reporting requirements and reporting tools
  • With key stakeholder input, build training and support model
  • Develop change management and communication plan for successful implementation

Current initiatives

  • Defining institutional data strategy and architecture
  • Defining strategy and architecture for Rutgers Health Group and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Expanding the current environment through Cornerstone initiatives