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Simplifying IT


Streamline services, reduce complexity, eliminate redundancy


An optimized IT environment, with an improved user experience, to drive productivity and efficiency across the university
By standardizing and optimizing processes and systems, Rutgers will gain significant resource savings, achieve economies of scale, expand information sharing, and improve student, faculty, and staff satisfaction. An improved user experience across IT systems will enhance the Rutgers work environment and provide easier access to technologies.

Key elements

  • Consistent and standardized systems across the university
  • Ease of use
  • Seamless and transparent work environment
  • Entities collaborate on making this a reality
  • No reduction in services as a result of the optimization
  • Training needed to be successful in the optimized environment
  • Fast, reliable 24-hour support


  • Identify current “service catalog” outlining all IT services
  • Understand the current customer experience; what is working and what needs to work better
  • Work with the university’s IT community to:
    • Develop long-term, coordinated strategy for streamlining services
    • Define service management framework, ongoing service and support model, and roles and responsibilities
    • Develop time-phased implementation plan, resource plan, and cost impacts
    • Develop ongoing governance oversight

Current initiatives

  • Software licensing analysis and coordination
  • Establishing a service management best practice model
  • Coordinating help desks across the institutions
  • Expanding to 24×7 coverage
  • Framework for device acquisition
  • Identify ways to reduce duplication of effort