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Membership for the Enterprise Cloud Strategy Committee

NOTE: The committee issued its recommendations on Enterprise Cloud Strategy [PDF] in December 2017 and reported back to the ITLC and the CIO. The Cloud Infrastructure Group was formed under Enterprise Infrastructure in order to start implementing these recommendations. Their work can be found on the Cloud computing webpage.

Committee Sponsor: William Lansbury, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Office of Information Technology

Chair: Douglas McCrea, New Brunswick Chancellor’s Office

Enterprise Cloud Team Representative: Andrew Page, Office of Information Technology

Project Manager: Albert Vasquez, Project Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure, Office of Information Technology

Documentation and Coordination: Janine Perez, New Brunswick Chancellor’s Office


  • Kevin Dowlin, Assistant Provost, Technology and Learning Spaces, Rutgers University–Newark
  • Eric Marshall, Director, Office of Advanced Research Computing
  • Tina Pappas, Associate Director, Technology & Learning Spaces
  • Bruce Rights, Office of Information Technology
  • Arnaldo Rodriguez, Manager, New Jersey Medical School
  • Leon Silver, Rutgers University Foundation
  • Mike Yesko, Senior Technologist, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Working Group Members:

  • Johnathon Cain, Systems Administrator, Office of Advanced Research Computing
  • Matthew Danku, Office of Information Technology
  • David Motovidlak, Assistant Director, Information Technology, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Andy Mudrak, Lead Application Developer, New Brunswick Chancellor’s Office
  • Robert Muldowney, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
  • Michael Souren, Systems Administrator, School of Communication and Information