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Committees and Working Groups

The ITLC’s working groups and committees include IT staff members from across the university, fostering collaboration to advance information technology initiatives at Rutgers.

Committee and Working Group Governance Committee

Develops a framework for standardized governance of ITLC committees and working groups.

Desktop Standards Group

Charged with developing and implementing standards for desktop and mobile IT equipment for use at Rutgers University.

IT Communications Working Group

Discusses and identifies communications strategies and standards within Rutgers IT. 

IT Service Management Group

Charged with implementing a comprehensive service management platform that meets the needs of the university community. 

Project and Portfolio Management Advisory Committee

Promotes IT Project and Portfolio Management (IT PPM) and facilitates the adoption of IT PPM practices that contribute to positive work outcomes.

Software Licensing Committee

Develops and maintains an inventory of software in use at the university and charged with identifying opportunities for efficiencies in leveraging Rutgers’ purchasing power.

Synchronous Communication Committee

Develops an enterprise synchronous communication strategy that meets Rutgers University’s academic, research, and administrative IT needs.

Completed committees

The following committees have completed their initial project charter and are no longer meeting.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy Committee

Developed an enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure strategy for Rutgers’ research, clinical, academic and administrative IT needs. Work completed in 2017.

IT Service Framework Committee

Established an IT service framework for Rutgers University. Work completed in 2017.

Rutgers Active Directory Committee

Provided ongoing strategic direction and oversight for the Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) initiative. Work completed in 2022.

WTC IT Cost Study Committees

Rutgers engaged WTC Consulting, experts in higher education IT, for a pair of studies of information technology spending at Rutgers. The studies involved hundreds of on-site interviews and web sessions with IT staff at Rutgers and resulted in valuable data about costs, services, and staffing. The following committees are addressing issues raised by the work of WTC and IT leaders at Rutgers.

Applications Committee

This committee will identify applications that are candidates for consolidation or standardization of software tools.

Network Provisioning Committee

Works to promote and educate IT partners on available tools and assess needs for future development requirements.

Procurement and Deployment Committee

Aims to enhance, streamline and coordinate technology procurement and deployment activities in order to reduce redundancies, control costs, and further unify the IT service model.

Servers and Storage Committee

Aims to develop a formal, actionable server and storage consolidation plan that meets Rutgers’s University’s research, academic, administrative IT and clinical needs.

Web Environment Committee

Will assess and identify existing web service hosting offerings, university requirements and the need for a more unified web experience.