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Walt Whitman Center

Walt Whitman Center Auditorium

101 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ 08102, (View on map)

Classroom equipment


HD ceiling projector

Instructor computer

Personal laptop connection

DVD Player

Blu-ray drive in computer

Wireless and handheld microphones

Lecture capture camera

Apple TV/Airplay

Windows 10

WWC Auditorium instructions

ON: Press to turn on displays – light will stop flashing when displays is finished warming up, you may then select an input.

OFF: Press to turn off displays – light will flash while warming down.

PC: In-classroom instructor PC
Laptop VGA: Personal laptop (front panel VGA)
HDMI: Personal laptop (front panel HDMI)
DVD: In-classroom BluRay player
iPad: In-classroom Apple TV

Function Keys:
Pic Mute: Mutes video output for selected input
(Blinks when active; Press to mute, press again to unmute)
Audio Mute: Mutes all audio for selected input
(Blinks when active; Press to mute, press again to unmute)
Image Freeze: Freezes video image on projector
(Blinks when active; Press to freeze, press again to unfreeze)

Equipment Location

  • A wireless microphone and a hand-held microphone are in the drawer in the AV rack.
  • The Blu-ray is located within the Instructor computer.
  • Cables for a laptop connection are located on the front wall.

More information and resources

Requesting assistance

For help using the equipment in a classroom or to report malfunctioning equipment, email Help Desk at or call (856) 225-6274.

RUCams classroom recording

Online tool for faculty and staff to schedule recording of academic classes at Rutgers–Camden.


Classroom technology training sessions are available by individual appointment. See the EdSeries webpage for information.