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Special requests for the teaching labs at Rutgers–New Brunwsick

The Standard Operating Environment includes a list of software available in the teaching labs. If the class requires additional software that is not currently installed, contact the lab manager, who will put you in contact with the appropriate technical staff.

The labs will attempt to install the supplemental software prior to the semester in which it is needed. After that time period, the software will be available in the lab, or the department/instructor will be notified that the software does not work in the lab environment.

The labs cannot guarantee that requested software will be compatible with system security settings.


  • An instructor or department should NOT purchase any new software or hardware until the matter has been discussed with a manager.
  • The department making the purchase should make sure a refund is possible in case installation in the teaching labs does not succeed adequately to meet course needs.
  • Assuming the installation is successful, the new software will become part of the computer labs’ network software and thus be available for any course to use, in addition to the one for which it was purchased.
  • For unsuccessful installations, the product will be returned to the department, which can then use the software elsewhere or obtain a refund from the vendor.
  • After special software is installed, the labs will attempt to ensure that the software continues to function adequately in the labs. However, the labs will not provide user support as the lab consultants are only expected to know how to start the software.

Files or Documents

If an instructor needs to make files or documents accessible to students in the teaching labs, he/she must submit these files to the lab manager in accordance with the software request deadline.

This can include lesson examples, word-processing documents, spreadsheet templates, data students might need to manipulate using charting or statistical software, etc. Online tutorials, special add-on modules, macros and similar files are NOT considered data files and are subject to the guidelines under special software.


  • It is the instructor’s responsibility to make sure the files are accurate before submitting them to the labs.
  • The labs will place these files online AS IS with no guarantee they will work as the instructor intended.
  • It is highly recommended that instructors test files once they are on the network by doing a complete run-though of their lesson to ensure all files function properly.
  • All files will be available as READ-ONLY. Students cannot save, add, or modify information in these files. If it is necessary for the class to have write capability with these files, it is recommended that students copy and save the instructor’s file to their own disk.
  • For security purposes, users cannot save to common space.
  • Files placed on the network will be deleted at the end of the semester. If an instructor wants a file to remain online, a file renewal request to the appropriate manager should be made for each semester it will be needed.