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Reporting suspected scams, breaches or theft

The Office of Information encourages all Rutgers community members to exercise caution and avoid scams and other cyber threats. If you are working at the University or working/learning remotely, it is important to report any suspected scams, breaches, or theft to the appropriate parties. Below are a list of actions you should take.

How to report issues with university data and equipment

  • Immediately report suspected scams, abuses, unauthorized disclosure, loss or theft of restricted or internal data, as well as loss or theft of computing equipment, to your management, dean or department chair, and IT leadership.
  • Suspected email scams and data compromises as described above should also be reported to and to your local Help Desk.
Type of Cyber ThreatActions
For suspected Phishing or other email scams:
For password compromises – i.e. a malicious link that redirects you to a fake login page – do the following:
All other abuses, unauthorized disclosures or access, loss or theft of restricted or internal data should be reported as follows:


  • If PHI (Protected Health Information) or the likelihood of PHI data is involved, contact University Ethics and Compliance at 1-833-783-8442.
  • Report loss or theft of physical assets to University Police.
    • RUPD – New Brunswick 732-932-7211
    • RUPD – Camden 856-225-6111
    • RUPD – Newark 973-353-5111
    • RUPD – RBHS at Newark 973-972-4491

For general questions or concerns regarding Information Security topics, email

How to report issues with personal accounts and services