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Take measures to keep your information secure this Data Privacy Day

In this increasingly digital world, keeping our data safe is a growing concern. Data Privacy Day, occurring every year on January 28, was created to raise awareness about securing personal information. Data privacy can be a confusing aspect of the digital experience, but with proactive steps and the resources Rutgers provides, you have the power to keep your information protected.

Be smart about the information you share via email

The amount of personal information you share online should always be limited. Privacy experts say, in most cases, you should not release information on the web that you would not want in a public forum.

Phishing emails, often mimicking the appearance of a well-known organization or a friend/colleague, will ask for personal information. For example, Rutgers will never ask for information like a password or personal credentials via email, but phishing scams can masquerade as the university urgently seeking this information. Be aware of these suspicious emails and report any concerns you have about the validity of an email you receive to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

Learn more about privacy and security on ScarletApps, as well as Office 365 platform security and Rutgers Connect-specific privacy information.

Secure your devices and applications

Get up to date with all the latest security measures to secure your digital information.

Rutgers provides free access to antivirus software on both university-owned computers and personal devices. You can also sign up for two-step login to add an extra layer of security to your Rutgers accounts and information. Tips and reporting resources are available to help avoid phishing scams and identity theft.

Using RUWireless Secure

Public Wi-Fi is convenient and may give you the chance to get work done or browse the web in a different location, but it also comes with the risks of others having access to your information on an unsecured network.

While on campus, RUWireless Secure is available to students, faculty, and staff for internet access and will protect your data with network encryption.

Even when you’re on campus, be smart about sharing your information. Some precautionary tips when using computer labs or your own devices in public spaces include not leaving your browser open or your computer unattended and turning off sharing in your system preferences when you aren’t actively using it.

More information and free resources are available to help you stay #PrivacyAware through and Educause.

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