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About Rutgers Service Management

Learn about Rutgers Service Management's background, program, and benefits. 

ServiceNow for IT Service Management

Learn about our service management platform, ServiceNow, and its practical applications.

Rutgers Service Management offerings

Rutgers Service Management provides consulting, managing, and process design services.

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Education and training resources

ITIL training

We highly recommend starting with ITIL training, the pre-eminent framework for managing IT service delivery around the world.

 Service management practices

An overview of process definitions based on the ITIL framework, which provides best practice guidelines for supporting IT services.

Course offerings

Current course categories include awareness, methodologies, tools (including ServiceNow), and special topics.


Read our list of FAQs which offer helpful information about service management at Rutgers.


Definitions and roles for service management.


If you have questions about any Rutgers Service Management initiatives please send an email.

Service Management Town Hall – July 2020 replay

On July 29, 2020, the Rutgers Service Management Office hosted a town hall where various IT professionals working on the ServiceNow ITSM implementation for Rutgers, addressed the Rutgers IT community to provide a project status update, present reporting capabilities for ServiceNow ITSM and a ServiceNow demo, and conduct a Q&A session. A video recording is available for those who could not attend. NetID login is required to access the video.