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Rutgers IT Help portal

Managed by the ServiceNow platform, the Rutgers IT Help portal is a self-service portal designed for faculty, staff, and students who require tech help and support for various IT services at Rutgers.

Visit the Rutgers IT Help portal for how-to articles, tech support, and more.

What can the Rutgers IT Help portal do for you?

The Rutgers IT knowledgebase is a quick way to find answers to your IT questions. You can find hundreds of how-to articles and frequently asked questions on various IT topics.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on your own or have an IT problem you can’t solve? Contact your support team or the Office of Information Technology Help Desk directly from the portal.

All IT support interactions are logged through the portal so you can get the latest updates on your reported IT incidents or requests.

From ordering computer equipment and software to requesting new groups or folders, request IT service forms are available based on your department or school information to streamline your requests.

A look into the Rutgers IT Help portal

The portal homepage is customized for your needs. It displays your account information including any current IT issues, requests, or pending feedback surveys as well as a list of helpful how-to articles, alerts, and notices.

Rutgers IT Help home page
Search how-to-articles, request service, or report an issue.

“How can we help?” form is available directly on the portal that you can fill out and submit IT issues to your appropriate support team or the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

A sample Rutgers IT Help form
Sample form on how to report a problem.

The Rutgers IT Help portal has a knowledgebase full of hundreds of help and how-to articles. You can find them via search or browse through recommended and most viewed articles.

Knowledge Base articles in the Rutgers IT Help portal
The self-serve knowledgebase is full of helpful information.

Additional resources such as the Rutgers IT website, computer labs, university software portal, and Tech Guides are also highlighted at the Rutgers IT Help portal.

Additional IT Resources
Find additional IT resources like software, news, and tech advice.