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Fee schedule

Fee* Schedule for the Rutgers CRDW services

*Prices subject to change

SKUDescriptionRutgers rateExternal academicPrivate sectorUnit
User support and consulting
CRDW 1Pre-consultation (Counts)$15$30$60Per hour
CRDW 6Data analytic services$90$180$360Per hour
CRDW 7Consultation$50$100$200Per hour
Data extraction (ETL)
CRDW 4Data extraction (ETL)$45$90$180Per hour
CRDW 5Data transfer (ingestion/egress)$75$150$300Per hour
VM 1Standard virtual machine$0.02$0.04$0.08Per hour
BM 1Bare metal CPU-only node$0.44 $0.88$1.76Per hour
Data storage
CRDW 8Encrypted object storage (Isilon)$0.00625$0.0125$0.0251GB/month
CRDW 10Encrypted block storage$0.0167$0.0334$0.06681GB/month

Description for CRDW services

CRDW 1: Pre-consultation (Counts)

CRDW 1. pre-consultation (Counts): An initial assessment of the clinical data available, generating counts and statistics to outline the volume and types of stored data. It helps in understanding the data scope before delving into deeper analysis.

CRDW 8: Encrypted object storage (Isilon)

Used for storing unstructured data at low cost. For example, Medical Images would typically use this type of storage. All data is encrypted at rest and protected by Erasure Encoding.

CRDW 4: Data extraction (ETL)

ETL involves gathering, transforming, and loading data from different sources into the clinical data warehouse. It ensures collected information is cleaned and organized for easy analysis and retrieval.

CRDW 10: Encrypted block storage

Used by both CRDW Databases and Virtual Hosting Compute, this high-performance storage is used where high IO performance is required. All data is encrypted at rest, and is protected using NetBackup, Database Tools, and Data Domain appliances.

CRDW 5: Data transfer (ingestion and egress)

Data Transfer manages moving data into (Ingestion) and out of (Egress) the warehouse. Ingestion brings data in, ensuring proper storage, while Egress securely exports data for analysis, reporting, or sharing with external systems.

BM1: Bare metal node

BM1 offers full access to a dedicated node in the clinical data warehouse, with size and configuration subject to availability. Users manage software installation and maintenance, receiving limited support from warehouse sysadmins for assistance.

CRDW 6: Data analytic services

A comprehensive examination of clinical data to identify trends, patterns, and correlations. It includes data mining, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis, aimed at supporting clinical decisions, improving patient outcomes, and advancing research.

VM 1: Standard virtual machine

VM 1 is a standard virtual machine setup in the clinical data warehouse. It includes 4 virtual CPUs, 16 GB of RAM, and 40 GB of disk space. This ready-to-use configuration comes with user-selected software for data analysis and processing tasks, enabling smooth computing operations within the warehouse.

CRDW 7: Consultation

The consultation service offers expertise in interpreting data analysis results. CRDW staff members work closely with researchers for better addressing their requests and research needs, guide them through clinical data complexities, and provide actionable insights for clinical practice and research.