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Career opportunities

Career opportunities

The Office of Advanced Research Computing is always looking for experienced professionals for our Clinical and Research Data Warehouse team. Please explore the open positions for full-time employment below to see if any would be a fit for you.

Current openings

Data Scientist

As a CRDW Data Scientist, you will contribute to the design and execution of experiments in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. Oversee data acquisition, ensuring the collection of high-quality clinical data, and employ advanced statistical methods to analyze complex datasets. You will take the lead in selecting and optimizing research infrastructure, provide training on data analysis techniques, and utilize data visualization to effectively communicate findings. If you are passionate about this field, consider submitting your application today.

Coming soon

Please check back at a later date for these official job postings.

Honest Broker

As an Honest Broker for the Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW), your primary responsibility is to safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive data while facilitating authorized access for research purposes. This position is responsible for de-identifying data, maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI), and serving as an intermediary between researchers and clinical data sources, ensuring that researchers receive de-identified information and samples necessary for their studies.

Data Engineer

Join Rutgers University as a Data Engineer, where you will play a pivotal role in expanding and optimizing data and data pipeline architecture within the Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW). Take charge of developing and maintaining data pipelines, integrating diverse sources for comprehensive analysis, and employing advanced data wrangling techniques to ensure data quality and consistency. If you are passionate about enhancing data systems for impactful clinical research, apply today.

Data Analyst

Explore the dynamic role of a CRDW Data Analyst at Rutgers, where you will play a key role in clinical research data management, analysis, and visualization. This position involves maintaining data quality, executing analytical tasks, developing innovative visualization techniques, and assisting in the selection and application of analytical tools within a clinical research data warehouse context. If you have a passion for data-driven insights and want to contribute to cutting-edge research, apply today.

System Administrator

Reporting to our Director of Advanced Computing Infrastructure, you will be working within our cyberinfrastructure group of Systems Administrators supporting the Clinical and Research and Analytic Services platform. We are a Linux shop that supports high-performance clusters, as well as cloud computing, Spark/Hadoop work, projects with external groups, such as Internet2, and a host of other technologies. If this sounds like your dream role, apply today.