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Core services

Core services

Infrastructure services

Virtual hosting compute

Built on top of Enterprise Infrastructure’s Virtual Hosting Platform, this compute resource is used by long-running, non-research compute needs of the CRDW.

Block storage

Used by both CRDW Databases and Virtual Hosting Compute, this high-performance storage is used where high IO performance is required. All data is encrypted at rest, and is protected using NetBackup, Database Tools, and Data Domain appliances.

Object storage

Used for storing unstructured data at low cost. For example, Medical Images would typically use this type of storage. All data is encrypted at rest and protected by Erasure Encoding.

Bulk drive data transfer

This new service will utilize Aegis Padlock Desktop FIPS USB3 drives from Apricorn. These drives are certified by the National Institute for Standards and Technology as FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant. The CRDW project has initially purchased eight – 18TB drives for customer use.

Secure network

A collection of secure, isolated, and dedicated subnets for CRDW resources. Each subnet is directly attached to Firewalls to fully secure traffic between Subnets and the outside world.

Citrix access desktops

To better protect CRDW Resources, end-user access is provided via Citrix Desktops. This keeps all data within the control CRDW environment, protected by 2-factor authentication.

Staging server (SFTP) ~ I/O

A highly secure Dropbox for incoming, and outgoing, data. All data is encrypted, and the service uses IP Whitelisting and Public Key Cryptography to secure data.

Data services


This offers software solutions to organize data and handle clinical and translational research management.

Business intelligence

CRDW uses PowerBI which is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

Security services

Network segmentation

All network traffic between subnets must be explicitly authorized.

End-Point (Cisco AMP)

Considered as Citrix servers in this context and a key part of the isolation strategy.

User support services

Experimental design

Data science input on best practices for a given research plan or goal.

Data Governance Council (DGC)

A committee to govern the policies and processes related to data access and use.

Secure data import and export

Advisement on best practices, supported operations, compliance guidelines, and requirements related to movement of data into or out of the CRDW environment.

Researcher support

General support for users of the CRDW ranging from advice on best practices to engagement with research or analytics activities.