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Learn Adobe Illustrator basics through LinkedIn Learning

Interested in learning how to create graphics on your own? Rutgers faculty, staff, and students have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Adobe Illustrator, giving our community endless opportunities to create and explore the world of graphic design. The university community also has free access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand library full of instructional video courses on a variety of life skills. This combination allows new users to utilize LinkedIn Learning to learn about Adobe Illustrator.

Learning something new can be challenging at first, but with the step-by-step instructions LinkedIn Learning courses provide for Adobe products, anyone (yes, anyone!) can start creating. Get started by watching the Adobe Illustrator Quick Start 2023 course where you will learn basic tips including how to:

Create a new document
Learn how to open a new document dialogue box in Adobe Illustrator and determine the correct size document for your online, mobile, print, film/video, or illustration project.

Draw using shapes
Get started by learning how to create any basic shapes you will need to design your projects.

Draw using lines
Whether you’re drawing freehand with the Pencil tool or segments and curves with the Pen tool, learning how to utilize the anchor points and drawing tools will help you design exactly what you’re envisioning.

Build a complex design
After you learn the previous steps, you are now able to combine these skills together to create the blueprint for your graphic design project.

Create using colors and gradients
Now it’s time to add color and bring your creation to life. Select any color you want by utilizing the Fill and Stroke control tools.

Add text
Sometimes your art speaks for itself, and other times you want to add text. There are many fonts and styles for you to explore so you can find the perfect combination to accompany your designs.

Apply effects to transform paths
Give your design depth by applying the Effects to Transform Paths tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Export and share
Now it’s finally time to share your creation with the world! Learn how to save your files correctly and export the artboard in your format of choice.

To get started with LinkedIn Learning, you can create your LinkedIn Learning account through your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, learn how to create your Adobe account through our Rutgers IT website.

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