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Adobe launches Academic Essentials with Creative Cloud training

Adobe Academic Essentials, Adobe’s free webinar training series on Creative Cloud, is launching just in time for the beginning of the academic year. The series, which welcomes all members of higher education faculty and staff regardless of experience or department, provides participants with a deep dive into various aspects of Creative Cloud. From InDesign to Photoshop, each webinar shows educators how to utilize Creative Cloud tools to integrate creativity into their classrooms.

The series runs from August 18 through November 17 and features six workshops dedicated to different features of Creative Cloud. The schedule is listed below:

  • August 18: Digital Research Papers with Adobe Express
  • September 1: Academic Videos and Podcasts with Adobe Rush
  • September 22: Research Journals with Adobe InDesign
  • October 13: Infographics and Data Visualization
  • October 27: Career Branding Portfolio with Adobe Express and Adobe Portfolio
  • November 17: Composing Academic Images with Adobe Express and Adobe Photoshop

The series will also teach participants how to make better use of Adobe creative tools in their own work and will help students learn new digital skills. Each hour-long session is targeted toward all disciplines and backgrounds—not just art, design, or photography.

Adobe describes this as a hands-on series covering different ways to share knowledge, with opportunities to learn ways to:

  • Create impactful presentations
  • Visualize and tell stories with data
  • Use podcasts, videos, and more

Attending instructors will have the opportunity to follow along and earn accredited badges, including an Adobe Analytics for Teaching and Learning certification. Speed and ease-of-use will be key themes, featuring the new Adobe Express, a tool with a much lower learning curve.

Check out the series page and sign up for whatever interests you.

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