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Introducing the Rutgers IT Lecture Series

Interested in connecting with other IT professionals and taking a deep dive into the IT services offered at Rutgers? The Rutgers IT engagement committee, made up of various IT professionals, is hosting web conference events throughout the year for Rutgers IT staff members to connect, learn, and share with one another in a virtual setting.

Rutgers IT Lecture Series event kickoff
The first Rutgers IT Lecture Series event, “Collaboration Done Right: Leveraging Office 365 and Microsoft Teams,” was held on June 23. Hundreds of Rutgers IT professionals joined the event via Webex and watched Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Michele Norin address attendees with a short keynote speech.

Members of the Messaging and Collaboration Services group in the Office of Information Technology (OIT), including Vladimir Gabrielescu, associate director in OIT, shared information about Microsoft Teams, a web conferencing tool offered to all members of the University. Attendees took a deep dive into Microsoft Teams and learned about the capabilities, features, management and use cases.

Upcoming events
The second Rutgers IT Lecture Series event, “Webex and Zoom in the Fall Semester,” will be held on August 12 from 10 a.m. to noon. David Heller, Avram Paris, Junil Park, and David Gates from the Enterprise Infrastructure group in OIT will be the guest presenters.

They will provide an overview of Webex and Zoom, highlight key features of each web conferencing platform, share general tips to ensure quality meetings, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. After the presentation, there will be a Q&A for attendees to participate in.

Additional information
To learn more about the lecture series, please visit the new Rutgers IT Lecture Series website. This site will continue to be updated with details about upcoming events.

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