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Technical tips for responding to disruptive behavior in web conferences

If your class is disrupted by uninvited guests or even students, it is important that you know how to mute users, limit screen sharing, disable chat abilities, disable annotation, and remove users from your web conference meeting. Below are resources to help instructors take action when encountering disruptive behavior in Webex, Zoom, and BigBlueButton.

Mute students

As the host of a meeting, you can use the mute and unmute function to prevent unwanted noise and distractions in your meeting.

Limit screen sharing

Now, you can prevent a student from screen sharing and even turn off the student’s video completely.

Disable chat abilities

You can control if students are allowed to chat in your meeting. You have options to disable the chat for all students or disable private chat, so they cannot send private messages.

Disable annotation

There is an option to restrict annotation to only the host or user that is sharing content.

Remove students from the meeting

Learn how to remove a student from your meeting if they’re causing disruptive behavior or they are not in your class.