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Enterprise Infrastructure Incidents and Requests

Enterprise Infrastructure is migrating from HDRT and HEAT to ServiceNow for managing incidents and requests. In the interim, please choose the appropriate link to submit your incident or request.

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise/campus networking, DHCP, DNS, IPAM, RUWireless, implementation of network infrastructure, inside/outside plant, peering, and more.

Media Services

Telecommunications closet and other network-related services.

Cloud Services

The cloud services team provides assistance in bringing cloud computing to Rutgers departments and units.

Enterprise Hosting

Systems (Citrix, Linux, Solaris, Windows, VM services), storage, disaster recovery, data center connectivity, load balancing, and more.

Enterprise System Services

Data recovery (backup/restores), enterprise logging (Splunk), enterprise monitoring (Icinga), enterprise remote desktop services, Gitlab, Rundeck, Rutgers Active Directory, SFTP.

Physical Data Center Services and Access

Regarding physical data centers (33KB, ASB, BSB, ENG, Hill, MDC, MSB), monitoring (power, HVAC, UPS).

Security Services (Firewall, VPN)

Firewall services, NAT, security services, VPN services, vulnerability management.

Unified Communication

Voice services (analog, emergency, VoIP, call center), video conference, Webex, Zoom.