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The Rutgers Automated Mass-Mailing Service (RAMS) is a service for targeted email lists to communicate official university business to the Rutgers community.

The Rutgers Automated Mass-Mailing Service (RAMS) is an email service that provides the Rutgers community with a way to communicate with specific groups of people within the university. The lists available encompass subsets of campuses, schools, departments, majors, and more. RAMS makes it possible to share important information with targeted groups of students, staff, and faculty. With RAMS, you’re able to view hundreds of existing lists, and you can also request new lists to match your desired audience.

Sending emails through RAMS allows your message to reach all the necessary parties who can benefit from it. 

How-To Articles

Learn the ins and outs of RAMS with guides for sending messages, requesting new lists, troubleshooting, and more.


Get your RAMS-related questions answered and problems with the service fixed by contacting the Help Desk.