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Trainings & Workshops

The Office of IT Accessibility (OITA) offers accessibility trainings to the all members of the Rutgers community and the general public. Here is a listing of all the available trainings we offer, our customized trainings (only available to Rutgers community), and other external trainings that may be of interest.

OITA Accessibility Trainings

Semester trainings hosted by OITA hosted on Zoom are available to the Rutgers community and the general public. Access to certain tools and resources may be restricted to members of the Rutgers community. At the end of these sessions, attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Understand policies set by Rutgers regarding web and digital accessibility.
  • Use scanning tools to test for accessibility issues on websites and documents.
  • Know how to do manual testing on sites for accessibility issues.
  • Understand common issues and how to fix them.
  • Learn how to include accessibility during early site development efforts.

Notice: At this time we do not have any trainings scheduled for this semester. Please check back to see when they will be offered again.

Custom Accessibility Trainings

OITA offers accessibility trainings by request if you are interested in scheduling training session(s) for your department or group. We have numerous trainings that can be selected to create a customized training tailored to your department or you can request a series of training sessions. While our semester trainings are open to the general public, customized trainings are only available to the Rutgers community. At this time, customized training sessions will only be held over Zoom.

Notice: At this time we are not offering custom accessibility trainings. Please check back to see when they will be offered again.

Self-paced Accessibility Training

All Rutgers staff, faculty, and students have free access to Deque University, a library of self-paced accessibility trainings. Subjects include the basics of accessibility and disability etiquette, web accessibility, document accessibility and remediation, and more.

Learn More About Deque University

External Trainings and Resources

These external trainings are from other Rutgers departments and outside companies focusing on accessibility trainings and information on creating a more inclusive and equitable classroom.

3Play Media
3Play Media provides captioning, live auto captioning, transcription, audio description, and translation & subtitling services. 3Play also provides integration through their APIs for a variety of different platforms. View webinars from 3Play.

Deque provides accessibility tools, testing, and trainings. Deque’s series of accessibility tools is axe Tools. Deque provides various services such as audits & verification, accessibility remediation, program strategy & compliance, and training. For training, Deque offers instructor-led trainings as well as self-paced online trainings through a subscription to Deque University. Rutgers staff, faculty, and students have free access to Deque University. View webinars from Deque.

Level Access
Level Access provides accessibility software, training, and services. Level Access’ web accessibility software includes AMP, Access Continuum, Access Analytics and Mobile Accessibility. Level Access provides training through their Access University. They offer auditing, strategic consulting, tailored training, document remediation, and scripting services. View webinars from Level Access.

Tenon provides accessibility tools, testing, and trainings. Tenon provides an automated accessibility testing tool via their API that can be integrated into the development pipeline. Tenon also provides manual accessibility testing and trainings.

Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT)
Rutgers Teaching and Learning Technology provides help to Rutgers academic departments by enabling these departments to create and deliver hybrid and online only courses. TLT does this through course design consultations and workshops hosted by the Office of Instructional Design.

TPGi provides accessibility tools, testing, and trainings. The software series that powers TPGi’s accessibility efforts is the ARC Platform, a large suite of products that include ARC Domain Monitoring, ARC API, and ARC Toolkit. TPGi also provides automated tests as well as manual audits. TPGi offers modular courses, role-based trainings, and tailored trainings. View webinars from TPGi.