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Deque is a suite of accessibility tools offered to Rutgers faculty, staff, and students. It provides end-to-end testing solutions, as well as self-paced trainings for document, web, and mobile accessibility. 

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Services offered

Deque University’s full list of accessibility courses and axe Monitor’s web accessibility reporting tool are available.

axe Monitor
Monitor and report on the accessibility status of your site using axe Monitor.

Deque University
Gain access to digital accessibility training and reference materials using Deque University.

Deque browser extension
Find and fix accessibility issues on your sites using Deque browser extension tools.

Help with using Deque services

Request an account

Looking to create a Deque account? Request one using the form link.

Logging in to Deque

Gain access to Deque and its suite of accessibility services by signing in here.

Exploring data

Review data and results of your projects in Deque.

axe Monitor 7.3 User Guide

In order to access the documents below you must first log into axe Monitor here. Next, go to the link “Need Help?” Once you’ve loaded that link, you should be able to access the documents below.

Deque navigation

New to Deque and its services? Use Deque navigation to help you explore the platform.

Making a new project

Learn how to create a new project for your site.

Project dashboard

View and manage your projects using Deque’s project dashboard.

Project issues

Running into an issue? Find Deque project help here.

Running scans

Learn how to create and run scans for all your projects in Deque.