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Annual Review 2020-2021

The power of web conferencing and collaboration

Platforms for web conferencing

The proper web conferencing tools are a must in our digital world. Rutgers offers three main web conferencing platforms—Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams—providing a variety of options for the university community to choose from. This allows the Rutgers community the ability to meet, hold classes, host events, work on projects, and complete other collaborative goals, all online. 

In July of 2020, the Office of Information Technology announced that Zoom would be available as a new web conferencing option at Rutgers. Zoom joined existing offerings—Webex and Microsoft Teams—and provided further choice for collaboration to Rutgers students, faculty, and staff.

Zoom meetings hosted over past fiscal year

Zoom participants over past fiscal year

Minutes of Zoom meetings over past fiscal year

Webex meetings hosted over past fiscal year

Webex participants over past fiscal year

Minutes of Webex meetings over past fiscal year

Webex is a Rutgers web conferencing tool that enables collaboration through online meetings and video conferencing. The use of Webex has continued to increase dramatically over the past year. With Webex Meetings, Events, and Teams, there are a variety of options for Rutgers users to choose from within the platform so they can successfully meet with others and/or convey information to groups of people.

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform integrated within Microsoft Office 365. Teams has been steadily used as a Rutgers meeting resource. The number of meetings and the use of other tools continues to increase year over year.

Meetings organized over past fiscal year

Microsoft Teams meeting participants over past fiscal year

Minutes of video conferencing over past fiscal year

These numbers are estimates for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.