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LinkedIn Learning video tips to help you land a job

Whether you’re about to graduate and hunting a full-time position, or you’re still in school and hungry for an internship, LinkedIn Learning is a great place for job-searching help.

The videos at LinkedIn Learning allow you to gain skills to aid you on your job journey from the comfort of your own computer. Experts discuss topics ranging from resume optimization to search strategies and provide valuable tips for anyone in need of job-searching support.

Looking for employment can be time-consuming, but these sample video courses are all under an hour and deliver quick and easy guidance on a few key areas of the highly digital job search process:

  • Learn how to overcome digital barriers to employment in the video series “Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems.” Discover what applicant tracking systems are, how they work, and how you can optimize your resume to ensure it ends up in the hands of recruiters.
  • Master the art of the LinkedIn profile with the video collection “Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Nano Tips with Kim Kaupe.” This series is a quick way to learn small changes that can make a big difference in your profile success.
  • Check out everything you need to know to nail your online interview in the course “Video Interview Tips.” From important preparations to ending the call strong, interviews via Zoom doesn’t have to mean doom.
  • Not sure the best ways to network? The series “Digital Networking Strategies” delves into the most effective ways you can network online, from specific platforms to steps for success.

While these are just a few suggestions, LinkedIn Learning has hundreds of other videos geared specifically toward job hunting.

Of course, students and alumni should also be sure to check out their respective career service offices for additional job-searching support. The Rutgers–Camden Career Center, Rutgers–Newark Career Development Center, and the Rutgers–New Brunswick Office of Career Exploration & Success all offer their own resources to help ensure the success of students.

The Rutgers Handshake platform is another great career resource for all students and alumni to make use of, as well. Handshake allows you to check out exclusive networking opportunities and events, schedule appointments with career advisers, view thousands of job and internship postings, and more.

Next time you find yourself stressed out searching for a job or internship, try some of these unique resources Rutgers has to offer – whether that be reaching out to a career adviser, scouring Handshake, or watching videos on LinkedIn Learning.

This story was originally published on Nov.14, 2023.

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