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Students: Spice up your resume and learn how to stand out to employers at Adobe webinar in April

Are you a student looking for ways to stand out when applying for jobs or internships? With a little help from Adobe, you can spice up your resume. As a Rutgers student, you have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which you can utilize for different career-oriented tasks, including drafting or updating your resume, designing a portfolio, and even creating original or reimagined videos and photos that increase your chances of being noticed for potential job opportunities.

Adobe is hosting a webinar this April where Adobe team members will share how you can make simple updates to your LinkedIn profile and resume with Adobe Express and earn Adobe badges to impress recruiters and hiring managers. This fully online workshop is only 30 minutes long and can be accessed anywhere, even at the library or coffee shop in between classes. The schedule is listed below:

To get started with Adobe at Rutgers, please visit the Rutgers Adobe webpage.

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