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Poolside or schoolside, you can access the virtual computer labs anywhere

Whether you’re jet-setting to Europe or day-tripping to Seaside this summer, you can take the Rutgers virtual computer labs with you wherever you go. From summer courses to internships, you don’t need to be tied to a physical computer lab location to access the free software provided through the virtual computer labs.

The virtual computer labs provide free access to dozens of useful software applications for all faculty, staff, and students. You can access the offered software anytime and anywhere you need to work or study.

“Students use our on-campus computer labs as a place to study and get access to software,” says Brian Luper, a director in the Office of Information Technology. “With summer jobs, vacations, and road trips, students aren’t always able to visit campus, which is why the virtual labs are a great option for students taking summer courses.”

Are you a computer science, engineering, healthcare, or marketing student requiring access to statistics-related software? The virtual computer labs offer a number of hidden gems, including data visualization and mapping analysis applications, such as SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Esri ArcGIS, for your upcoming assignments.

Perhaps you’re taking a graphic design course this summer. The virtual computer labs have software such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop for you to explore and learn more avenues for you to express your creative endeavors.

Other software available in the virtual computer labs includes Strata17, NVivo, Eclipse, Adobe Premiere Rush, Flowgorithm, and many more for all your educational needs. The full software list available in the virtual computer labs can be found in our knowledge base article.

For answers to commonly asked questions, such as how to print from the virtual computer labs, as well as where to store your files on the virtual computer labs, you can visit the virtual computer labs FAQ.

If there is a software program you are interested in using but do not see on the list of applications, you can request software to be installed through ServiceNow.

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