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How to gain basic graphic design skills with LinkedIn Learning

Not everyone can be a professional graphic designer, but some skills do come in handy to create visuals for your business or organization. Whether you are looking to improve your presentations, find a more eye-catching way to disperse information, or need quick tools to create graphics yourself, LinkedIn Learning is here to help. 

Check out the courses below to add some graphic design fundamentals to your skillset. 

Introduction to Graphic Design
There are many different elements to creating visually appealing content. It starts with the creative process and continues with the elements that bring the idea to life. This course delves into all of the pieces, providing you with the foundation to get off the ground with your graphic design goals.  

Application Training
With the basics in tow, learn more about the software you use can take your skills to another level. The courses below offer a deeper look into the ins and outs of the following Adobe products: 

Learning Canva
Graphic design software can be tough to learn. That’s why professionals in the field are unmatched in the amazing visuals they create. But what if you are looking for a quick and easy way to tell your story in a visually appealing way? Canva takes a user-friendly approach and shows you how to make quality graphics on the web for free.  

Social Media for Graphic Designers
To create your best work, it helps to learn more about where it’s ending up. Social media is a huge area where design work has been utilized in recent years. This course discusses graphic design strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and gives you a better idea of how to create quality visuals on each platform. 

Graphic Design: Insight and Advice
There’s nothing like learning from the best. Designer John McWade discusses everything graphic design offering tips and tricks on finding inspiration, working with essential tools, key things to keep in mind, and more. 

Learning Motion Graphics
New age media has given us a multitude of ways to tell stories, including the emergence of motion graphics. Discover the software, tools, and best practices to bring your projects to life. 

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