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Become social media savvy for business with LinkedIn Learning

Social media may play a big role in your personal life, but what can it do for you professionally? Businesses have found ways to thrive in the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sphere, showing a new world of media that can be used to reach your audience. Having a background in social media marketing can get your career aspirations off the ground. With the help of LinkedIn Learning, obtaining those social skills is within your reach. 

Here are a few course examples that can take your social game to the next level: 

Social Media Marketing Foundations
Forming a base knowledge of social media marketing is the place to start. The basics of these platforms can put you on the right path to establishing your brand and enable you to reach your intended audience.  

Marketing Tools: Social Media
With the basics in check, you will need to figure out which tools will be most effective for your business. This course dives into which social media platforms to use for each scenario, resources for growing your following, tips for creating content, services that allow you to schedule posts, and more.  

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter give your business a world of potential if you know the best ways to use each platform. Get a better understanding of their algorithms, learn more about their unique features, and start creating content while knowing the best practices for posting on both.  

Marketing on Instagram
Instagram can provide a different, more visual look to your brand, but what are the best ways to have marketing success on the platform? This course highlights the primary uses of Instagram for business, ideas for creating content, and ways to increase the visibility of your posts  

Learn Social Media Monitoring
Social media provides organizations with an opportunity to engage with their audiences that is unlike any other. Listening to your audience can give you a better idea of what they are looking for and how to best satisfy their needs.  

Social Media Marketing: Optimization
At the end of the day, your business’s success on social media all comes down to strategy. Start with the foundation of creating your social media plan, discover the use of analytics to fine tune it, and navigate paid, earned, shared, and owned media opportunities. 

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