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New Rutgers Connect dashboard helps with time management

Rutgers Connect users now have access to a new Outlook feature providing insight into personal productivity in the workplace.

Known as MyAnalytics, the dashboard displays the amount of time that users spend working in Outlook in order to provide insights about their work patterns, email use, meeting habits, most-used apps, and more.


Some additional benefits of the new MyAnalytics dashboard include:

  • Suggestions on how to plan a week or spend time in meetings
  • Access to data on “quiet hours” to see how often you work outside of normal working hours
  • Information from Microsoft Outlook and Teams to see how often you collaborate, who you contact the most often, and the total number of people you collaborate with
  • Recommendations on how to grow your network and work smarter

Additionally, there is an Insights add-on that is included in MyAnalytics. The Insights add-on helps you stay on top of your tasks and get more done by sharing activity cards with information based on your recent work experience.

Personalized and private
MyAnalytics takes data from your Rutgers Connect email and calendar, Skype for Business, and Teams, and processes and stores it in your Outlook mailbox. This new feature is completely personalized and private. As noted in the Microsoft documentation, “only you can see your data. The statistics and insights that are generated from your data are for your eyes only. Your manager or system administrator cannot view your personal data.”

How to access MyAnalytics
To access MyAnalytics, login to your Rutgers Connect account through the web and visit to open your personal dashboard.

To learn more about this new feature on Outlook, please visit the MyAnalytics webpage presented by Microsoft.


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