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Storage limits for ScarletApps

Storage limits for ScarletApps

Google has announced new storage limits for Google Workspace for Education, known as ScarletApps/ScarletMail at Rutgers. Due to the changes, storage for ScarletMail/ScarletApps accounts will be limited to 30 gigabytes (GB) starting on June 18, 2024.

Checking your ScarletApps storage

Not sure how much ScarletApps storage you're using? Log in to ScarletApps and check Google Drive storage.

Reducing your ScarletApps storage

Reduce ScarletApps storage by deleting files or moving them to another storage location.

Moving ScarletApps data to another account or service

Transfer data from ScarletApps with Google Transfer, Google Takeout, or another method.

Google storage limits FAQ

Have a question regarding the new storage limits? View the frequently asked questions resource for help.

Cloud storage options at Rutgers

Rutgers offers two cloud storage options aside from ScarletApps to store data: Box and Microsoft OneDrive.

Exceeding 30GB limit

Find out what happens when you exceed the 30GB limit for ScarletApps (once the limit is in effect).

New 30GB storage limit for ScarletApps

The university has announced new storage limits for ScarletApps/ScarletMail at Rutgers. Storage for these accounts will be limited to 30GB.

Google instituting storage limits for higher-ed

Google has announced storage restrictions for Google Workspace for Education (ScarletApps), leading universities to institute storage limits.