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RU-Enterprise Device Management (RU-EDM) is a free service offered by the Office of Information Technology to all departments at Rutgers. RU-EDM is a comprehensive Desktop Management Suite that is user friendly and quick to deploy. The suite includes access to a central Dell KACE K1000 appliance with integrated BOMGAR remote support tools. Local departmental IT staff will maintain independent control over their organization and have access to the central support and training provided by OIT.

Benefits to departments

Provides a consolidated network management solution.
RU-EDM provides a single, integrated approach that handles virtually all of the systems-management challenges IT staff must solve.

Decreases workload, frees up staff time for strategic departmental projects.
The RU-EDM appliance creates a substantial reduction in the amount of time IT staff would normally spend on routine but essential tasks such as inventory, patching, software distribution and updates; this is especially important for departments with limited staff and IT budgets.

Reduces downtime and improves user satisfaction.
The RU-EDM appliance reduces downtime by eliminating the need to have users surrender their computers to apply fixes or updates. By managing computer settings and security safeguards in a policy-based fashion, IT staff will see an increased level of user satisfaction, often without service desk involvement.

Saves money on licensed software.
The RU-EDM program is free to Rutgers departments; it has broad functionality that can replace existing software programs and their associated costs.

Includes efficient remote support tools for improved troubleshooting.
RU-EDM provides departmental support teams with Bomgar, a highly rated remote access tool which allows a technician to access an end-user’s computer and resolve a problem expeditiously.

Benefits to the university

  • It is important for the university to collect the institutions’ hardware and software data. This information can be used to leverage and improve procurement actions; it is also information utilized by the higher education community for collaborative projects.
  • The university is subject to vendor software audits and has a legal obligation to respond with the requested information. RU-EDM will provide the mechanism for audit compliance which will lower the university’s liability exposure.

Data collection process

  • The RU-EDM team will ensure that the university data collected is stored within a secure database contained internally on the KACE appliance, accessible exclusively by authorized OIT staff.
  • OIT offers assurances that this program is not intended to monitor employee activity; rather, it will gather specific information as required by legal actions and general information regarding the overall computing hardware and software environment at Rutgers. If at any time additional information is needed to be collected the departmental administrators will be notified in advance. Specific details on what types of data are collected can be found in the FAQ.

Getting started

To sign-up for the RU-EDM Program, departments should fill out the request form and submit it to OIT. The RU-EDM team will set-up the organization, schedule training, and provide assistance as necessary.