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Accessibility Risk Assessment for IT Purchases

All electronic information technology (EIT) systems, applications, software, and services used by Rutgers University are required to be assessed for accessibility based on the Rutgers University Accessibility Policy, current adopted version of WCAG, and applicable state and federal laws. The EIT Acquisition Risk Assessment form is to be used to provide the necessary information needed for an accessibility review. The Office of Information Technology Accessibility (OITA) will use the information collected to assess the accessibility risks related to the acquisitions and provide recommendations for ensuring the accessibility of all our EIT solutions.

Getting ready

To best prepare, gather any relevant documents and information about the product or service before using the assessment. Examples include:

  • Contact information for the internal Rutgers purchaser of the product or service
  • Contact information for the vendor sales representative and/or accessibility specialist
  • URLs for any relevant websites related to the product, including accessibility information
  • Product details, like the version number, description, and important features
  • Operational scope, like intended use cases and user types
  • Contract language pertaining to accessibility
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

What to expect

After submitting the form, OITA will provide you with an assessment of legal risk and some recommended actions. OITA will also assist you with working with the vendor to ensure the accessibility of the EIT product, solution, or service.

Begin the assessment