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Tips for workplace success from LinkedIn Learning

Success can mean different things to different people, and for faculty and staff here at Rutgers, there are many ways to define success in the workplace. Traditionally, success might be noted as quarterly numbers, performance reviews, or profits, but creating strong work habits, improving social and emotional skills, and working with a positive mindset are all important factors in professional success too.

If you’re looking to improve in any of these areas and work on skills for success in the workplace, LinkedIn Learning is a service that is free to the Rutgers community and has a variety of video courses focused on success in the workplace.

One-Minute Habits for Success
“First, research shows you enhance your odds of success when you have the right mindset, skillset, and can reset or redirect your approach and renew your energy as needed,” says Scott Mautz, a former Procter & Gamble senior executive and award-winning author. “Second, success comes from habits. And habits are more easily formed from simple repeatable exercises.”

Mautz breaks down a variety of habits such as self-confidence, better listening, and how to avoid procrastination in videos that are all under three minutes each. This course focuses on work/life balance and wellness when finding your own personal routine for success.

Working from Home: Strategies for Success
In this course, Melinda Emerson, an author and small business expert, shares everything you need to know about thriving in an at-home or hybrid work environment. She uses her consulting background to provide advice for setting up a productive workspace, starting your day and scheduling effectively, communicating appropriately online, best practices for staying focused, and more.

Emerson also dives into more specific topics for remote work such as etiquette for professional video conferencing, working from home with kids, and tips for team managers.

Social Success at Work
Success in the workplace isn’t always about hard skills, expertise, or intelligence, says Dr. Todd Dewett, a leadership expert and author. Having solid social skills and understanding how to interact with people is just as important when it comes to success in your career. Social skills are critical as they “build the context needed to amplify your intelligence and hard work,” and Dewett expands on this idea with useful advice for social success.

Gretchen Rubin on Creating Great Workplace Habits
Best-selling author of “The Happiness Project” and host of a popular podcast, Gretchen Rubin delves into the importance of understanding yourself as she describes the four tendencies individuals possess that drive habits. Learn how to approach and establish new habits, as well as obtain techniques and strategies for ongoing success in the workplace.

If you’re looking to sharpen your social skills, workplace habits, mindset, or anything in between, check out LinkedIn Learning to support your success here at Rutgers.

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