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Harmonize your work-life balance and prioritize practices for wellness

In today’s world, it can be hard to escape technology with the constant lure of our computer screens and mobile devices. Whether you are faculty or staff pouring through morning email pileups, or a student who never roams far without looking at their Canvas course at a moment’s notice, it is no secret that separating work or school from our personal lives can feel impossible at times.

When work and life are not balanced, you risk harming your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness and your productivity can take a hit. LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of courses including those listed below to help prioritize work/life balance and your overall wellness—and it’s free to the Rutgers community when you log in with your NetID.

Embrace Meditation
Incorporating meditation into your day (and getting away from a screen) can be a great way to change your focus and steady your mind. This course features advice and techniques from a neuropsychologist to promote concentration, reduce stress, and cultivate a more positive outlook on life.

Promote Work Place Wellness
Whether you’re a student contemplating your next career move, or a professional balancing the demands of a fast-paced job, your life doesn’t solely have to be about how much money you earn, how often you work, or how many tasks you complete in a day. This LinkedIn Learning course teaches how to cultivate a life that feeds your sense of purpose, and to focus on your overall wellness.

Prioritize Sleep
We hear this all the time. Sleep should come before anything else; other than breathing, it is mandatory to survive, but getting enough sleep is one of the biggest things we struggle to obtain. This course shares how to prioritize sleep by learning sleep science, adapting healthy bedtime habits, and setting realistic goals to boost your overall wellness.

Beat Burnout
Don’t let stress get the best of you. When work piles up and exhaustion settles in, it is crucial to take a second, breathe in, and handle things one at a time. Use this course to stay one step ahead of looming burnout no matter what time it is during the academic year.

Learn Healthy Eating Habits 
When you hydrate throughout the day and feed your body high-protein, high-energy, healthy foods, you establish a domino effect of wellness. From longer life spans to boosted productivity levels, this course will teach you healthy eating habits and the important results of eating well.  

While these may seem to be easy goals to tackle, when you’re running at 1,000 miles an hour during the week, the reality is that some of the smallest things—like taking time to breathe, rest, and eat well—can be afterthoughts. LinkedIn Learning is here to help you prioritize your wellness and achieve that desired work-life balance.

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