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Learn techniques and tips to reduce stress from LinkedIn Learning

Stress can pop up anywhere – at work, in classes, or elsewhere in your personal life. Finding ways to reduce that stress is crucial to being happy and healthy. 

For National Stress Awareness Day, happening this year on April 16, check out a few courses from LinkedIn Learning that are designed to help you de-stress. LinkedIn Learning is available to the Rutgers community for free when you log in with your NetID.

Managing Stress for Positive Change 

Stress is often viewed as a response that should be minimized or pushed aside. But can you use your stress in an effective way? This course examines stress, specifically in the workplace, and how individuals can assess and adjust it. It also dives into what managers can do to address and reduce employee stress.

Meditation and Movement for Stress Management 

De-stress with a series of guided meditation and movement exercises. This course aims to help your body and mind relax and focus. Learn more about techniques like centering yourself with your breathing or stretching and massaging to reduce pain and fatigue.

Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk 

You don’t need to leave your workspace for a quick yoga sessionCheck out some stretches, bends, and other basics that can be done right at your desk. Finding just a little time in your busy schedule can help you stay relaxed through the week. 

Mindfulness for Beginners 

Stress pops up in hypotheticals, but staying in the present can help reduce that stress. Learn about mindfulness and how it works alongside de-stressing. The course has five guided meditations based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a program offered in medical clinics and hospitals around the world.  

Bring out your creative side or have fun with hobbies 

Focus on things you enjoy doing to help feel at peace. LinkedIn Learning has courses on skills to improve or hobbies to help you relax. Check out some examples: 

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