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Learning photography basics with LinkedIn Learning

With photography becoming such a huge part of everyday life through the use of Photoshop, Instagram,
VSCO, and more learning the basics of photography can be worthwhile for both a career and for fun.
Offered as a free resource for Rutgers faculty, staff, and students, LinkedIn Learning has scores of video
tutorials centered on photography. Below are some course examples to help you get started on
capturing the perfect photo.

Introduction to Photography
Good photos require good photographers, and learning the basics is the first step. During this course,
author Ben Long explains the skills and tools needed to start exploring the world of digital photography.

Photography 101
Many people own a digital camera or a smartphone with high-quality photography capabilities, but they
don’t know how to use its full functions. During this tutorial, you can learn fundamentals like aperture,
shutter speed, and flash photography.

Photography Foundations: Exposure
Exposure is essential to capturing quality images, and this course focuses on shutter speed, aperture,
ISO, and other fundamentals. Critical exposure practices are explained in detail to help you understand
how to take a great photo.

Photography Foundations: Composition
A camera views things in a vastly different manner than the human eye. This course explains how
balance, point of view, geometry, and other composition fundamentals can transform an ordinary view
into an extraordinary landscape.

Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics
Photoshop is one of the most valuable technical skills you can have in the world of photography, so
learning the basics is essential. In this course, features like adjustment layers, blend modes, and filters
are showcased.

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