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Information Security Compliance Program

Information Security Compliance Program

The Information Security compliance program serves as an informational resource, providing guidance on regulatory compliance program goals, requirements, and risk mitigation strategies. The Compliance program team assists university business units and departments with interpreting and implementing the procedural and technical requirements mandated by various regulatory requirements for more efficient program adaptation.

Working as the central liaison between technical and business stakeholders, and other internal partners and auditors, the compliance program team strives to ensure and improve institutional IT compliance adherence and monitoring.

Review the links below for more information on the current regulatory programs managed by the compliance group.

GLBA Compliance Program

The program requires the university to implement security controls to protect and safeguard financial information.

PCI standards

Departments using credit cards for payment must adhere to requirements from the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

HIPAA standards

Review Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security rule compliance.