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Television Content Services

Television Content Services

The university will be transitioning away from traditional cable/coax television services and providing Internet Protocol television (IPTV) streaming service via wireless. Beginning in October 2023, television content will be available via the application over the Rutgers wireless network. Additional information about can be found below.

Streaming television service available for Rutgers departments/units

  • Departments who are currently using traditional coaxial cable and RU-tv are affected and should complete the TV Service Activation form.
  • Rutgers will provide over 80 channels of programming in Rutgers public spaces, offices, residence hall lounges, athletic buildings, and other campus areas. For television programming in athletic buildings, please contact Athletics IT Helpdesk support.
  • The new system requires each television have a Roku player (streaming device) purchased and managed by local IT support teams in order to access the Rutgers service.
  • OIT will work with local IT teams to transition existing televisions from coax to the new service.
  • For more information on what to purchase and how to get started with the new service, visit the Roku/IPTV Streeme activation guide.
  • Once activated you can view the Streeme User Guide [PDF] for further instructions.

Students: Looking for streaming services?

Streaming providers offer free content and student discounts for your personal devices in your dorm room. You just need to show current enrollment at Rutgers University to be eligible for plans. Learn more.