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Sign up for emergency text alerts.

How to use the Emergency Notification System (ENS)

University Public Safety sends ENS subscribers text (SMS) messages of emergency situations that affect the university. ENS alerts are also sent out periodically for system tests.

Manage your subscription

Individuals affiliated with Rutgers may subscribe to ENS alerts below using a valid NetID. Users can select which campuses to receive alerts for, update mobile phone numbers, or opt out of alerts.


Not receiving notifications? Affiliated with Rutgers but don't have a functional NetID? Visit the ENS help page for assistance.


ENS alerts can only be composed and sent out by authorized users. If you are an authorized individual, visit the login page below to manage and send alerts.

Sample ENS alert

Below is a sample only of what an ENS alert looks like on a mobile phone with text messaging capability. An ENS alert has a prefix and suffix added to the beginning and end of the actual alert message.

RU-ALERT: Building on fire 123 Main St. Stay away from area. 04/16/2010 15:14

RU-STATUS: Level 4 Emergency Closure 4pm today until 1pm tomorrow. 01/26/2015 09:39

The ENS alert prefix (RU-ALERT:) identifies a text alert message as coming from Rutgers. The ENS alert suffix (MM/DD/YYYY 24HH:MM) identifies the date and time that a text alert was sent, to show the intended order of alerts in case they are received out of order on mobile phones.