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Editing video recordings

There are many video editors available, including products that require varying levels of skill. This guide will help determine which might be the best choice for you.

If you only need to use basic features, we recommend the free video editing tools included with the Mac and Windows operating systems.

For more advanced needs, there are several products that are popular including Adobe Premiere Pro, which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and is free for the Rutgers community. View video editing options.

If you have additional questions or need assistance with video editing, please reach out to your local IT support contact.

Definitions of video editing features

Basic FeaturesAdvanced Features
Trimming – Removing portion of recording from beginning or end of video clip
Transition effects – Crossfades, fade out, fade in
Splitting/Splicing – Cutting video clips into sections to be edited, rearranged or joined
Adding photos
Cut – When you remove a section of your video clip
Adding titles

Recommended products

Product comparisons

ProductPlatform(s)Basic featuresAdvanced features
Adobe Premiere ProWindows/macOS/iOS
Windows 10/11 Video EditorWindows 10/11
iMoviemacOS, iOS
OpenShotMultiple Operating Systems

Please note: Kaltura is popular for capturing video and it does have some basic editing ability. However, given the lengthy processing time associated with automatic captioning, we recommend editing offline and uploading the final product only into Kaltura. Kaltura videos, which include both camera and screen capture, are special cases and must be trimmed in Kaltura.

Video editing options


Available to Mac users with MacOS and iOS, iMovie handles basic and advanced editing skills and is interchangeable on mobile and desktop.

Windows 10/11 video editor

Windows 10/11 video editor is a strong, basic video editor that can trim, splice add text overlays, incorporate title cards, and more for your videos.


OpenShot is a free open-source and cross-platform video editor that works on Windows, macOS, and Linux and is helpful for advanced needs.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an advanced video editing tool that runs on Windows 10/11, MacOS, and iOS and allows users to merge and rearrange clips, import graphics and audio overlays, and more.