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Adobe Creative Cloud for students

Adobe Creative Cloud for students

Make videos, posters, webpages and more for your classes and extracurricular activities.

Learn how to create your Adobe account.

Adobe can help you capture, organize, and convey information

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a wide range of apps that can help students with everything from digitizing paper documents to creating projects and presentations in many different media.

Sample projects

Unsure how Adobe can help you in class? These sample lesson plans have dozens of ideas.

Help for students

Adobe has tutorials designed specifically to teach students to make the most of Creative Cloud.

Artists at work

Find inspiration by watching livestreams of artists creating projects on different Adobe apps.

Graduating students: Migrate your school portfolio account to a personal account

If you are graduating and want to take your Adobe creative projects with you, you need to migrate your Adobe Portfolio site to a personal account. Be sure to complete the steps below ASAP so you don’t lose any important assets.

Learn more

Support for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Help Center

Search for tutorials, visit Adobe forums, and find tips and answers to common questions about Adobe products.

Tutorial videos

Check out videos that walk you through Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

One-on-one training

Schedule an "Expert Session," a 30-minute phone call with an Adobe Care Team member to address a specific product feature.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, which is available to everyone in the Rutgers community, has a variety of Adobe training videos.

Have more questions?

For assistance using your NetID to download Adobe Creative Cloud, please view the FAQ​ or contact the OIT Help Desk​.