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Hey, Rutgers students: Use Rutgers Zoom

Are you wondering why your Zoom meetings keep timing out at 40 minutes even though Rutgers students get unlimited Zoom access? Luckily, there’s a simple solution: You may not be logged into your Rutgers Zoom account.

Rutgers students (as well as all faculty and staff) are entitled to high-quality video and audio support for up to 300 participants (or 500 for faculty and staff), can customize virtual backgrounds, add closed captions, and even utilize breakout rooms for up to 50 separate sessions.

If you used your personal email address or your ScarletMail account when you created a Zoom account, that doesn’t necessarily mean you activated your Rutgers Zoom account. Want an official Rutgers Zoom account, with all the benefits? Create your Zoom account through your Rutgers NetID and you will be able to utilize all the benefits right away. No need to worry about those limiting 40-minute meetings!

Exercise your Rutgers Zoom account to its fullest potential by avoiding issues like these, and go a step further by learning how to protect your meetings from Zoombombing so you can have uninterrupted Zoom access.

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